Oh no, Anime!

Oh no, Anime! was founded by Patrick Malley and Marc Schulz as a small podcast in 2015 and has since grown immensely both in scope and ambition. While Patrick left on his own journey in 2018, Marc has continued to carry the torch since then, experimenting and concentrating Oh no, Anime!’s focus in order to further create fun, informative videos, podcasts and much more that explore the world of anime and greater Japanese culture in fun, stylish and exciting ways.

Marc Schulz

Marc is new skin in the game as a full-time weeaboo. He watched the classics and participated on the fringes of anime culture for most of his young life, but it was only just in 2013 that he fully began dedicating his remaining free time to anime. Since then he has immersed himself in all aspects of the culture and fully enjoyed every single second of it. When not editing videos, hosting our music podcast or taking care of some other exceptionally beautiful visual aspect of our media empire, he's probably writing, making music or taking artistic photos of action figures. You can find him on soundcloud as vermillionaire, and on twitter @vermillionair3.