Oh no, Anime!

Oh no, Anime! was founded by Patrick Malley and Marc Schulz as a small podcast in 2015 and has since grown immensely both in scope and ambition. We both love anime for what it is, taking the good with the bad (there is a lot of bad) in order to speak frankly and lightheartedly about what is easily both of ours' biggest passion. We try to approach everything we do with that attitude, as well as only ever doing what we want, which seems to have worked out for us so far. Either way, we both sincerely hope that if you like anime, you'll like what we're bringing to the table.


Patrick is the type of anime fan to tell you his first anime was Love Hina... even though it was probably Sailor Moon, or Pokemon, or something like that. The point is, Love Hina was his first anime that mattered. Since 2003 his life has spiraled farther and farther into Anime Hell and he wouldn't have it any other way. You can find him on twitter at @patrick130m where he's retweeting only the greatest Content (spoilers: it's probably idol related) or at twitch.tv/yazzelfresh every Thursday evening DMing for his D&D group. He can be reached at patrick@ohnoanime.moe


Marc is new skin in the game as a full-time weeaboo. He watched the classics and participated on the fringes of anime culture for most of his young life, but it was only just in 2013 that he fully began dedicating his remaining free time to anime. Since then he has immersed himself in all aspects of the culture and fully enjoyed every single second of it. When not editing videos, hosting our music podcast or taking care of some other exceptionally beautiful visual aspect of our media empire, he's probably writing, making music or taking artistic photos of action figures. You can find him on soundcloud as vermillionaire, and on twitter @vermillionair3.