Our summer convention schedule!


We will be at some conventions this summer! First of all, we'll be attending Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA from July 1-4 but we won't be hosting any panels or events. Hit us up if you're going and want to say hi!

Metrocon in Tampa, FL on Friday July 22 we will be hosting two panels in panel room 19 at 8PM+11PM. More info about the content of these panels can be found on the Metrocon website or on myconsonline.com.

We'll also be hosting a panel at Anime Festival Orlando sometime between July 29-31, we don't know the panel time or room yet so check back here before the con and we'll update as soon as we know more. More info available at the AFO website.

We'll see you guys out in the field, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter if you wanna say hi!