Anime Expo Day 2 | JAM Project☆HEROES

Hey guys! Once again video will be up sometime tomorrow, but for now here's my text recap for the day. Enjoy!

Day 2 started super early for me. At 6:20AM my alarm went off reminding me that today was going to be something special - today, Love Live! Sunshine!! airs! Since Sunshine is being broadcasted on LINE LIVE contemporaneously Japanese TV I was able to (legally!) watch it with the rest of the world. What a start to a freaking crazy awesome day that was.

As soon as my creepy Love Live grin wore off from the episode itself it was already time for me to watch it again... with the cast themselves! The Love Live! Sunshine!! event started right at 11AM with a short video showcasing what Love Live is, how it came to be, and how Aqours, the group following in µ's footsteps, fits into the equation.

When the video ended, the six girls came onto stage (in Uranohoshi attire) to introduce themselves and read their character's self introductions. I'm pretty sure I heard every single audience member fall in love six times each. The Aqours girls themselves looked to be having a great time teaching the audience how to do their calls and returns - in ridiculously cute broken English, of course.

After their introductions we were treated to a lot of fun footage that isn't readily available anywhere else. They showed the entirety of the first two music videos followed by the Aqours girls' stage performance celebrating the release of their first single in October of last year. While a short video of their performance of Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayateiru kai? has been available since early last week, to my knowledge this is the first time their full performance of all three songs has been viewed in public since the day they performed it!

Naturally we couldn't have an event that's held on the day of an anime premier without having the premier itself there! So we got to be the first people in world to watch Sunshine with English subs! As far as how the first episode went... well I could wrote a whole entry on it. And probably will. Suffice to say I really really enjoyed it and I'm damn certain everyone else in the crowd did too.

Following the premiere of the episode the girls were brought out in a manner that mimics their online live broadcasts for (pre-screened) questions from the crowd. Being idols, all of their answers were sickeningly cute. I don't want to gush too hard but after watching them for months on my tiny phone screen seeing them play off each other and being silly while spouting the best English they could manage was something very special to me, and not something I'm likely to forget any time soon.

The next event for me wasn't until the Super Live at 7PM while Marc headed to the Bandai/Gundam panel. I was able to see Aqours even closer at the Meet & Greet held at the Daisuki booth (don't worry they were just as adorable as they were an hour and a half prior) and meet up with an old buddy of mine Piroko.

Meeting with Piroko lead to something awesome - our meeting place was the P.A. Works booth in the Entertainment hall since they were doing a giveaway. The giveaway was a replica piece of key art from Shirobako inside of the type of folder animation studios use when passing along frames for cuts. This is important!

After he'd finished giving out the gifts himself (already super cool of the guy), Founder/CEO/producer at P.A. Works Kenji Horikawa ran off. However, he didn't run off fast enough! Piroko managed to stop him and his handler for a minute to do a couple of autographs. The handler said it wasn't possible but Horikawa himself seemed pretty happy to oblige, despite his being in a rush. As I stated before, the giveaway had a folder that they use for cuts right? That glorious Horikawa signed it right where an animation director would sign off on a cut to signify it's OK to send to production! Just another amazing memory I'll be holding on to for a very, very long time.


Cut delivery envelope signed by PA Works' Horikawa

It was cool down time after that until the Super Live. I have to say, the "Super Live" was a hell of an apt name. Anime Consortium Japan and Anime Expo blew it completely out of the fucking park with this one. As much as I want to relive it in my head again giving you guys a blow-by-blow would probably be a bit much so here's a few highlights:

  • Walking in to JAM Project playing Makka na Chikai followed by Cha-la Head Cha-la
  • Eir Aoi and Haruna Luna doing a duet cover of Porno Graffiti's Fullmetal Alchemist opening Melissa
  • The entire crowd belting out God Knows... from Haruhi as Yoko Ishida and Minami sang it together. What an incredible feeling that was
  • T.M. Revolution revving the crowd up with the Soul Eater opening to close out with the Rurouni Kenshin ending theme
  • Sphere coming out and testing the limits of how cute an idol group can get before everyone vomits
  • JAM Project melting faces with Gong, the One Punch Man opening, a super robot medley, and, of course, Skill

The only problem I have with this event is the sleepless nights it'll cause while I think "what the hell could possibly top that?"

Tomorrow is Day 3 of Anime Expo. My schedule is bursting with amazing industry panels as well as the FLOW and OLDCODEX band battle. Look forward to a post about it just like this!