AX2017 Day 3+4 Recap: 7 Seas Entertainment, Asian Kungfu Generation and more!

Days 3 and 4 were pretty uneventful for us news-wise, but there's still some stuff worth talking about! Check out the video above and hit the jump to read the full write-up.

Asian Kungfu Generation was one of the high points for our entire convention and day 3 in particular, head over HERE to check out Marc's full write-up.

Patrick's Day 3+4 Takes

Hi guys, it’s finally time for the day 3 recap! I guess it’s technically day 4 as well since I didn’t do anything on day 4. Unfortunately I was unable to make it to my earliest scheduled panel, A-1 Pictures, but I understand that it was uneventful aside from a showing of Fate Apocrypha.


Much of the meat of Day 3 was spent in the exhibition hall and artist alley, both of which were phenomenal. After a few hours putzing around doing ~convention stuff~ I headed over to the Seven Seas Entertainment panel. Seven Seas Entertainment calls themselves the largest independent publisher of manga in the United States - meaning they are not owned in part or whole by another company, and as such get to chase all of the ridiculous titles they want.


And that is precisely what they do! Seven Seas had wave after wave of announcements (pun intended, I’m not sorry) in just about every genre imaginable. Some personal highlights were the Toradora light novels, the Made in Abyss manga, and, of course, the New Game! Manga. Their Q&A session was pretty lengthy and had some great answers, please check out the video above for some discussion on that!


After some more putzing around it was time for two big shows, Asian Kung Fu Generation and Neon District. Marc put together a great write up on AKG so I’ll leave him to that, I’ll take Neon District though!


Neon District was the premiere dance party of the convention, pulling in huge Japanese names. While I was only there for two of them, Taku Takahashi and Teddyloid, it was still freaking amazing. Taku is one of the most popular producers/DJs in Japan, having worked on Space Dandy and Panty and Stocking to keep him relevant to AX. His set consisted of classics dating back to the early 2000s running up to newer stuff he’s put out on his label this year.


Teddyloid was the star in the crowd’s eye though… how could he not be between being the brain behind Panty and Stocking’s soundtrack as well as the ever popular Me Me Me?! Every time he played a track from one of those the whole place erupted with the same crazy energy you feel at a “regular” show. For me, the highlights of the set were his other DAOKO tracks like Daisuki; for a man who could have played nothing but Panty and Stocking and had the place go absolutely nuts it made me super happy to hear his other stuff.


That was it for Day 3! Thanks so much for reading.