#57 | So That's Yer Backpack, Huh?

We're back after another long break to talk about a bunch of stuff, including our plans for Anime Expo, some stuff we liked from E3 this year, FLCL Progressive and of course all this season's anime.

WARNING: The last 20 seconds or so of this podcast got cut off in the render, so if for some reason you want to hear my last two words and also the outro music just check out the audio version instead.

#56 | Spring Anime has Sprung! | Oh no, Anime! the Podcast

We're finally back in our studio and bigger and better than ever! We sip on some good bourbon this week as we catch up with what's been going on in the anime world, before debriefing last season's big shows and then giving you a sneak peak of the season that just started. It's one of the longest episodes in recent memory, so stick with us!

A Pilgrimage to Numazu and Uchiura

A Pilgrimage to Numazu and Uchiura

Hey everyone, it's been a while so I decided to check in from my Japan trip with an article about my day trip to the location of Love Live Sunshine: Numazu and Uchiura! It was a pretty awesome trip and I was amazed at just how into it the cities are, to say nothing of the amount of people taking the pilgrimage in the middle of the day on a Wednesday!

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BONUS | A Beginner's Guide to Japanese Hip-Hop | Oh no, Anime! the Podcast

Marc recorded a special audio version of the Japanese hip-hop panel he's been doing for a while now. Tune in as he teaches you all he knows about the history of hip-hop in Japan and its place in Japanese culture, and recommends some of his most essential artists! Be sure to check out after the jump for show notes to follow along with, including music videos. There's also a Spotify playlist that we'll be updating periodically at the end!

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2017 in Japanese Animation

Take a walk down memory lane with a collection of our favorite cuts of animation from the anime of 2017 and beyond. Hit the jump for a list of shows/movies used.

0:34 In This Corner of the World
0:47 Lu Over the Wall
0:57 Attack on Titan S2
1:07 Kakegurui
1:18 Rakugo
1:30 Granblue Fantasy
1:48 Dragonmaid
1:59 Ancient Magus Bride
2:14 In This Corner of the World
2:20 Inuyashiki
2:24 Danmachi Oratorio
2:36 Touken Ranbu
2:49 Little Witch Academia
3:08 KiraKira Precure a la Mode
3:14 In This Corner of the World
3:22 Iron Blooded Orphans
3:32 The Night is Short Walk on Girl
3:54 Made in Abyss
4:41 My Hero Academia S2
4:51 Kizumonogatari Part 3
5:04 Land of the Lustrous
5:20 Princess Principal
5:32 March Comes in Like a Lion
5:49 SaeKano
6:05 Eromanga Sensei
6:12 Zodiac War
6:20 Love Live Sunshine S2
6:28 Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale
6:50 Fate/Aprocrypha
7:18 Idolmaster Side M
7:33 A Silent Voice
7:45 Tanya the Evil
7:55 Atom the Beginning
8:00 Welcome to the Ballroom
8:09 Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYOND
8:27 My Hero Academia S2
8:41 Hirune Hime
9:00 Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul
9:12 Your Name
9:24 Just Because!
9:30 Genocidal Organ
9:35 Gabriel Dropout
9:40 ACCA
9:48 Mahoujin Guru Guru
9:55 Akiba Strip the Animation
10:02 Osomatsu-kun S2
10:12 Idolmaster Side M
10:25 Kizumonogatari Part 3
10:40 Maidragon
10:49 In This Corner of the World
10:58 Land of the Lustrous
11:11 Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYOND
11:22 Boruto
11:44 Re:Creators
11:52 Attack on Titan S2
11:59 Fate/Aprocrypha
12:32 New Game!!
12:41 Boruto
12:53 My Hero Academia S2
13:20 Little Witch Academia
13:45 Ok K.O.
14:01 Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul
14:18 Tanya the Evil 
14:27 In This Corner of the World