Anime Expo 2018 Coverage Begins July 5th!


Our coverage of Anime Expo 2018 begins right here on starting on July 5th! We'll be posting plenty of daily recap videos, podcasts, write-ups and much more during our time at the convention and afterwards so keep your eyes peeled, and make sure to go to to access it all directly. Also, be sure to hit us up on twitter if you're interested in an on-floor interview. See you there!

#57 | So That's Yer Backpack, Huh?

We're back after another long break to talk about a bunch of stuff, including our plans for Anime Expo, some stuff we liked from E3 this year, FLCL Progressive and of course all this season's anime.

WARNING: The last 20 seconds or so of this podcast got cut off in the render, so if for some reason you want to hear my last two words and also the outro music just check out the audio version instead.

#56 | Spring Anime has Sprung! | Oh no, Anime! the Podcast

We're finally back in our studio and bigger and better than ever! We sip on some good bourbon this week as we catch up with what's been going on in the anime world, before debriefing last season's big shows and then giving you a sneak peak of the season that just started. It's one of the longest episodes in recent memory, so stick with us!

A Pilgrimage to Numazu and Uchiura

A Pilgrimage to Numazu and Uchiura

Hey everyone, it's been a while so I decided to check in from my Japan trip with an article about my day trip to the location of Love Live Sunshine: Numazu and Uchiura! It was a pretty awesome trip and I was amazed at just how into it the cities are, to say nothing of the amount of people taking the pilgrimage in the middle of the day on a Wednesday!

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BONUS | A Beginner's Guide to Japanese Hip-Hop | Oh no, Anime! the Podcast

Marc recorded a special audio version of the Japanese hip-hop panel he's been doing for a while now. Tune in as he teaches you all he knows about the history of hip-hop in Japan and its place in Japanese culture, and recommends some of his most essential artists! Be sure to check out after the jump for show notes to follow along with, including music videos. There's also a Spotify playlist that we'll be updating periodically at the end!

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